Friday, 25 March 2016

Biscuit Blog: Sondey Butter Rings

Sondey Butter Rings

These biscuits from Lidl are a kind of Viennese whirl with a more golden colour to them and both less creamy and crumbly.  Indeed some butter rings can almost be brittle or frangible in nature rather than crumbly.  This version almost has a feeling like a meringue on the tongue, almost too sharp in texture to be pleasant.  The key problem for these from Sondey is they are far too sweet which adds to the sense of sharpness.  For a biscuit with 'butter' in the title, I would expect a flavour much creamier and at least much smoother.  If they scale back the sugary nature and make them a little more crumbly, they could be on their way to making a decent butter ring.


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