Thursday, 3 March 2016

Biscuit Blog: Asda Oatie Crumbles

Asda Oatie Crumbles

I seem to be in a real phase of picking biscuits which taste as if they would be better off with a different description.  I have seen oat biscuits and they are often very plain and really almost a cracker or health biscuit.  They differ from 'oatie' biscuits which in theory are a sweet version of a biscuit with oats in.  I have had some very nice versions of these in cafes and at events, though not from supermarkets.  I did hope that I would find something like that with these oatie biscuits from Asda, which, as you can see from the picture, come in a small packet.  What I got instead were digestive biscuits by a different name.

I have sampled these twice now to see if they varied from digestive biscuits at all.  I expect more of a crunch to them given the patterning but they are as yielding as a standard digestive.  There is minimal sweetness in them so that they do not taste identical to an oat biscuit, but insufficient to provide the taste of what I feel are the best oatie biscuits.  There is really no point in buying these.  If you want an oat biscuit for cheese or smoked salmon or whatever you fancy, simply buy an oat biscuit.  If you want a digestive then simply buy a digestive.  Sitting somewhere between the two leaves these biscuits in the wilderness with no clear purpose and no distinct flavour.


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