Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Biscuit Blog: Co-Operative Garibaldi Biscuits

Co-Operative Garibaldi Biscuits

While I have a co-op store close to where I live and a smaller one near where I work, I have only recently begun to explore their biscuits.  As pale blue seems to be becoming the universal colour for malted milk biscuits, purple appears to be the one adopted nowadays for Garibaldis, I imagine in reference to the raisins in them.  These Garibaldis are in a different league to the Tesco ones I tried last month, though it may still only be the Championship rather than the Premier League.  They are a little dry on the tongue.  However, they are deeper than the Tescos version and the raisins are thicker and while not overly sweet, are more flavoursome.  There is a slight glaze on these and some of the chewiness one expects from a Garibaldi.  I also found they had an unexpected moreishness that the Tesco version was certainly lacking.  These may not be the perfect Garibaldi, but certainly of a decent standard to buy from one of the cheaper supermarket chains.


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