Friday, 13 January 2017

Biscuit Blog: Asda Coconut Rings

Asda Coconut Rings

While I was looking at the standard biscuits Asda sells under is own brand, I also saw a few which are not provided by other supermarkets.  These coconut rings are one of those.  I have to give Asda some credit for effort as they have tried to make these distinctive.  However, hey do not crumble in the way as shown on the packet, though as you can see from the damaged biscuit on the left in the picture they are pretty fragile.  They are thin and quite small; they fortunately do not crumble as suggested and have a fair snap.

My main problem with these biscuits is the lack of 'coconutness' if there is such a word - but I imagine you get what I mean.  I would expect more sweetness coming from the coconut and those small shreds of coconut that you would find in a decent Nice biscuit.  There is some hint of coconut flavour and a rare shred, but once more we effectively seem to have a Rich Tea with a different texture and supposed flavour, but insufficiently different really to warrant you buying these as an alternative to a plain biscuit.


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