Thursday, 19 January 2017

Biscuit Blog: Asda Cocoa Creams

Asda Cocoa Creams

These are a sandwich biscuit.  Historically BN, the French biscuit company, produced the gold standard for these, certainly in the years before they insisted on impressing smiley faces into all of their biscuits.  Sandwich biscuits are larger than many standard biscuits and typically have a chocolate cream filling.  The biscuit discs themselves really need to be creamy to counterpoint the chocolate in the middle.  BN always did theirs in a square shape; British versions of the 21st century seem to be round.  Perhaps the easiest to access version of the sandwich biscuit in the UK at present is the Lidl Princess biscuit which I need to get around to reviewing here.  This is a comparator for it but comes out as less successful.

The biscuit is large.  The discs have an appropriate snap and then a little crumble.  However, they really lack the creaminess which is vital in a sandwich biscuit.  I do not know how some of these supermarkets - Asda is not alone in this, Tesco is also guilty - manage to get so little flavour into some of their biscuits.  The chocolate cream inside is of the correct consistency.  It should be of a milk flavoured chocolate, but I recognise that dark chocolate is the leading flavour now.  I like dark chocolate so enjoyed this cream and funnily another person eating these who insists on milk chocolate and hates dark felt it was sufficiently milky for their taste.  The problem is, with so little flavour in the biscuit disc, all you get is the cream flavour, you might as well spread chocolate paste on a slice of bread.  Unsurprisingly, as a result, they lack moreishness.  These are another of those frustrating biscuits in which the company falls short on one element and so the biscuit fails to achieve what it should be doing.  Not terrible, but could so easily be better.


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