Saturday, 22 October 2016

Biscuit Blog: Fox's Crunch Creams - Ginger

Fox's Crunch Creams - Ginger

I should have put a size indicator next to these biscuits as, in common with other biscuits I have seen from Fox's these are small.  The packet is short and the diameter of the biscuits is probably about two-thirds of the size of the average ginger nut I have reviewed here.  I did not include a picture of these biscuits on edge, but in fact, as you can see from the packet, these are sandwich biscuits, i.e. like a Custard Cream or a Bourbon, they consist of two biscuits joined by a smooth filling.

Aside from the size another challenge is the lack of ginger flavour in the biscuits.  They have the appearance, texture and snap of a usual Ginger Nut, but lack the flavour.  They are very plain biscuits.  As a result, it is the filling which gives these biscuits most of their flavour.  Perhaps surprisingly the filling is lemon.  It is not too sharp, and would counter-point a good ginger flavour but that is absent, so the biscuit flavour overall ends up imbalanced.  These are not terrible biscuits, but they do not really offer what they promise.  If you want this flavour then you would be better off with a standard Custard Cream, or, perhaps better, get two typical Ginger Nuts and spread lemon curd between them.


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