Friday, 7 October 2016

Biscuit Blog: Co-operative All Butter Shortbread Fingers

Co-operative All Butter Shortbread Fingers

These were a pleasant surprise,  They are in Co-op's 'Loved' range but they tasted much better than I had expected.  The packet, as is common with shortbread, is short, but the biscuits themselves are very creamy in flavour.  They have a firm snap without being too brittle; you expect shortbread to have some crumble but not to disintegrate, so these strike just the right balance.  There is no sugar covering on these as you find on some shortbread, but actually, in this case, it allows the core flavour of the biscuit to come out clearly.  Very moreish.  As you can gather, I was very pleased with these.


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