Thursday, 22 September 2016

Biscuit Blog: McVitie's Marie biscuits

McVitie's Marie biscuits

When I saw these, I imagined they a British version of the Galette style biscuits from Brittany in France, a type of biscuit I enjoy and brought a lot home of last year when I visited Sables D'Or.  They are similarly circular with writing on the topside.  However, the glaze which is common on Galettes was missing.  As I tasted them, I found they also lacked the snap which is typical of a Galette and the flavour lacked the creaminess and sweetness.  In effect these Maries are simply Rich Tea biscuits with a slightly different pattern.  They are not even as thick as they are portrayed on the packet and that packet is small so you would expect something better than just another Rich Tea.  It is a shame McVitie's have not really tried to bring in a British Galette,  This is not a bad biscuit, but I cannot rate it hardly as it falls short of what it seems to promise from the name and packet.


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