Saturday, 3 September 2016

Biscuit Blog: Tesco Rich Tea Fingers

Tesco Rich Tea Fingers

One type of biscuit I have been asked to review is the Rich Tea.  There is some prejudice against these.  I had a colleague who claimed they were unsuitable to be eaten and instead should just be used to build things for children.  Though some people find them dull, they are a cut above Digestive biscuits.  However, I think Rich Tea biscuits are both very British and serve a useful function as was summed up in McVitie's 1978 campaign for their Rich Tea biscuits - 'a drink's too wet without one'.  This does not mean dunking them; that is a disgusting practice which ruins both the drink and the biscuit, but it does mean that the dryness of the Rich Tea complements beverages very well.

The first Rich Tea I am looking at is from Tesco and is slightly different to the standard in not being circular and not having a smooth, though pierced topside.  These are a finger variety which I suppose do sit nicely in a saucer.  The packet is long which is good because these are pretty small biscuits.  They are thin as well, certainly not as thick as you would expect from a Rich Tea; this makes the snap when you bite a little feeble compared to what you would anticipate.  In terms of taste they are ultra-dry, almost like paper on your tongue and lack the creaminess at the back of your mouth that you expect.  They do their job but not brilliantly and there is room for improvement.  I guess they are for people expecting a lot of guests and yet does not want to spend too much on giving them anything too tasty or large.


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