Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Biscuit Blog:Tesco Spiced Stem Ginger Cookies

Tesco Spiced Stem Ginger Cookies

I suppose it is natural that with summer here I am eating fewer biscuits.  I am aiming still to review at least two types per month.  It is now easier to get to some different supermarkets in my neighbourhood now that the long-term road works have come to an end.  These are a new biscuit from Tesco.  They are a little soft to my taste, but I guess that is signalled by them being called 'cookies' rather than 'biscuits'.  There seems to be a growing, unwritten consensus, that the US term cookie refers to a biscuit that is deeper, usually has something in it like chocolate chips or dried fruit and maybe soft; certainly lacking a snap.

The biscuits are not bad but not brilliant, lacking the 'fire' I seek from a stem ginger biscuit, indeed even from the best ginger nut biscuits.  The biscuit itself has quite a bland flavour.  There is some flavour from the chunks of ginger, but these are not numerous and lack the chewiness I expect.  This is a good standard biscuit for a tea break, but when you are buying something with only 10 in the pack and with this kind of packaging, you are expecting something more flavoursome and overall better, hence this one gets marked down for raising and then not fulfilling expectations.


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