Friday, 3 June 2016

Biscuit Blog: McVitie's Ginger Nuts

McVitie's Ginger Nuts

McVitie's was the brand most hit by the flooding in Cumbria which caused biscuit shortages in the early part of this year.  However, supplies are now back to normal.  As regular readers know I tend to shop in discount supermarkets and buy own brands.  This does not stop others bringing brand named products into the house or as in this case giving them to me directly.  These ginger nuts are reasonable.  However, they lack the snap that I look for in this kind of biscuit.  They are almost soft to the bite, though not to the extent that the Tesco's ones I sampled earlier this year were; these are certainly not powdery.  The upfront taste has a lemony tang and you only get a real ginger bite in the aftertaste.  They serve their purpose without being outstanding.


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