Thursday, 5 May 2016

Biscuit Blog: Tower Gate Ginger Nuts

Tower Gate Ginger Nuts

These were one of the brands of ginger biscuits that seem to have been hit by the biscuit shortage earlier this year so I was glad to find them back in circulation.  For a discount supermarket these are very good biscuits.  They have what you are looking for in a ginger nut - a good snap, a clean not powdery texture and a good flavour. These have the gingeriness that I am looking for, not as sharp as the Hall ones I tried last month.  I think these are a very good biscuit, though a little small in diameter, you get a lot in a packet as can be seen above.  For me they lacked moreishness but as certainly well above many ginger nuts I have been tasting recently.


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