Monday, 16 May 2016

Biscuit Blog: Oreo Chocolate Creme

Oreo Chocolate Creme

I am not the only person who brings biscuits into my house.  As a biscuit connoisseur, however, I am interested to try other people's selections especially ones I would not normally sample myself.  I know Oreos are a very successful US biscuit brand, to the extent that you can even get Oreo ice cream in supermarkets and fast food outlets.  I found these biscuits too harsh.  Perhaps if they were the ones with the vanilla filling they would have been better because the chocolate is very dark and so adds to the bitterness of the overall flavour.  I have failed to show it clearly in the picture, but it is a 'sandwich' biscuit, two discs with a filling. The biscuit discs are firm with a good snap and they look to be of quality.  However, the flavour of the of the biscuit element is also very bitter, meaning that combined with the filling you get something that tastes more like a digestif to aid digestion after a meal, rather than a sweet biscuit.  Yes, it might do alright sitting on the side of a strong coffee or an alcoholic aperitif, but as a day-to-day biscuit, the flavour is far too strong.


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