Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Biscuit Blog: Tesco Pink Panther Wafers

Tesco Pink Panther Wafers

I do not know if I expected to get a better pink wafer from Tesco.  The supermarket has a bit of a reputation for many of its own brand products lacking in flavour and so if you are looking for cheaper items you tend to be better off going to a cheaper store like Lidl or Aldi where the budget products taste better.  This product, however, clearly with the rights to the Pink Panther cartoon logo, even though that is not as prestigious as it would have been forty years ago, I thought would package a better product than the Lidl pink wafers I tried in January.  However, that was not to be the case.  For a start, like the Tower Gate ones from Lidl, these from Tescos are not pink at all, but orange in colour.  I do not know if the pink colourant is on the EU banned list these days, but these two sets of biscuits really lack vibrancy and more resemble packaging for parcels.

The most surprising think about this product was how sharp the snap is when you bite into it.  You expect a bit of a snap with a pink wafer rather than a crumble, but with these it is extreme.  The main problem after the colour is the taste.  Pink wafers should almost be painfully sweet, but these are almost plain.  I know they are termed 'vanilla' but that does not mean they should be lacking in sweetness.  Overall, these biscuits simply taste like those you might have stuck into an Italian ice cream, maybe even less flavoursome than those.  While I have struggled to find a creamy malted milk, getting anywhere near what a pink wafer should look or taste like appears even more remote.


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