Sunday, 17 April 2016

Biscuit Blog: Hall Ginger Nuts

Hall Ginger Nuts

I bought these from Asda at the height of the ginger nut shortage earlier this year.  They were the last packet left.  I have not come across Hill as a company before, though it is clear that they are well established.  I am glad that I did try these as they are good ginger nuts.  They have a really sharp snap to them and they do not powder in the way inferior ginger nuts do.  They have a crisp flavour with a clear ginger tang to them.  I notice that they say that they have a hint of lemon in the flavour and I think that adds to the tang which is what you are looking for in ginger nuts.  My only complaint is that they are smaller than equivalent biscuits of this type.  However, they are of sufficient quality that I would buy Hall biscuits again.


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