Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Biscuit Blog: Carr's Melts Cheese

Carr's Melts Cheese

So, you thought this blog only dealt with sweet biscuits.  In this posting I look at some savoury biscuits in another common sub-set of biscuits.  You get 'biscuits for cheese' which are often plain wafers or sometimes digestives that are meant to put cheese on and then you get 'cheesy biscuits' which have a cheese flavour.  These Carr's Melts almost manage to straddle those two categories.  They came from Tesco and are quite complex with what appear to be small seeds and strands perhaps of dried cheese or to give that feel.  They are quite slender and have a shallow snap unlike some biscuits for cheese.  The cheese flavour is subtle but of a more mature flavour of cheese than that you find in most cheesy biscuits.  The one flaw aside from them being rather insubstantial, is that this flavour does not linger and also there is not the smooth aftertaste that I personally look for in a cheesy biscuit.  They are reasonably rather than excessively moreish.  Overall, pretty good, but not the top level.


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