Sunday, 21 February 2016

Biscuit Blog: Asda Malted Milk

Asda Malted Milk

As the UK biscuit shortages, especially of ginger biscuits has continued, I have had to focus on biscuits I have been able to get hold of.  One of my intentions is to compare the same type of biscuit available from a range of common British supermarkets.  Recently I have not found it difficult to find Malted Milk biscuits, so I am focusing on these at present.  Ongoing road works have made it difficult to get around my home town so it has been a challenge to reach a range of supermarkets.  However, last week I was able to get to a branch of Asda and pick up some of their versions of biscuits; in fact I got three different ones as part of a multi-buy deal, though from what I understand even those kind of deals are now likely to become extinct as they are apparently too complex for the average person.

Though these Malted Milk biscuits look the same as the Tower Gate ones I reviewed just over a week ago: The taste is different.  I am sorry to say that these do not reach the creamy flavour that I have been looking for.  However, these do have the crumble rather than the snap when bitten.  They have a flavour more like a Rich Tea biscuit than a traditional Malted Milk, though with an almost wheaty texture to them.  However, they do not have that sugary glaze feel/taste of the Tower Gate version.  In terms of moreishness they are pretty sound.  However, my quest for a true Malted Milk biscuit needs to continue.


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