Friday, 29 January 2016

Biscuit Blog: Walkers Stem Ginger

Walkers Stem Ginger

I have been rather naughty in this posting by stepping outside the biscuits which you can buy easily from supermarkets.  These biscuits are only available through caterers and I imagine most people will have only come across them in their workplace.  The reason why I have included them is as a counter-balance to my disappointment over the Deluxe Stem Ginger biscuits that I reviewed earlier this month:

The Walkers version does not aim to be a butter biscuit and lacks the creaminess even of the Lidl Deluxe version.  However, there is a good snap to biting these, they are not powdery nor do they break away.  There is not a rich flavour to the biscuit itself, hence the 4-star rating, but flavour is left to the stem ginger in the biscuit.  These pieces have a nice chewiness to them without tasting overly crystalised.  Lidl could easily produce a biscuit as good as these, especially for the Deluxe range.  That is why I have included this one here to show what is feasible with stem ginger.


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