Sunday, 17 January 2016

Biscuit Blog: Deluxe Stem Ginger butter biscuits

Deluxe Stem Ginger

These were another Lidl purchase.  You can tell the Deluxe biscuits as they come in vertical boxes.  These for some reason hint at being Scottish with the saltire flag on the cover.  On the positive side they do have decent chunks of ginger in them not too crystalised in nature, though the flavour is not as clear in these than in some even cheap stem ginger biscuits I have tried.  There is a buttery flavour but it is not as rich as I would have liked.  The biscuits break up in the mouth in an unsatisfactory way, neither melting in the mouth as you might expect with a butter biscuit and yet not being crunchy either, it is almost as if they break into chunks; perhaps this is because of the disruption to the structure of the biscuit caused by the insertion of the ginger.

These make a nice change from ginger 'nuts' but I feel that they need work.  I would give them a 3-star rating except for the fact that they are portrayed as 'de luxe' in nature and to really qualify for such a status they would need to be much better.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Just shows how tastes differ! These are absolutely my favourite ginger biscuits so far and I've tried some amazing ones including those half covered in plain chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore these ginger biscuits. Much nicer than Marks and Spencer ones. Only problem is that they are seldom available bin Dublin area