Friday, 5 November 2010

What If France Had Suffered a Coup in February 1934?

My views on this topic can be found in my e-book ‘Other Roads: Alternate Outcomes of the Second World War’ It is available for purchase on Amazon:

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Rooksmoor said...

I had some correspondence from the alternate history online magazine 'Changing the Times' about including some of my counter-factuals on their website. I agreed so in the December edition, live at the moment, you can see a number of my postings from here.

It is interesting which postings they have chosen to feature. I guess they have gone for the less common ones that I have featured. They include this one on the 1934 coup in France, the one on Napoleon III being imprisoned or assassinated, the related one on Italy not being unified and the more mainstream one on Richard III winnning the Battle of Bosworth Field. Interestingly, they have included the postings wholesale so references back to my fiction are still contained in the one on Italy.

My postings are far bulkier than the average entry on the website. I must say that I admire the succinct writing of the majority of the entries on the site. The mix is fascinating, from historically focused to far more fantastical speculation.

The website is: Be patient as the site often seems to exceed its bandwidth restrictions so goes down quite a bit. However, it is certainly worth a look.