Saturday, 6 September 2008

20 Years On - Part 16 of Account of Travelling by Train Around West Germany and Austria

Fortunately I was able to get away from the holiday very quickly, but that meant I did not fully learn the lessons of what I had done wrong or that my holidays were always going to be blighted by things that were going to be unpleasant and cost more money. Reflecting now, I think I was fortunate that I had no money to go on holidays in the 1990s because I am sure that if I had done, I would have many more bitter accounts of this kind and I would have turned into an utter xenophobe as a result of such trips. Anyway, this was the last time I ever tried to go inter-railing.

Tuesday 6th September 1988
Today I woke early and walked to the station and was able to buy some more chocolate and the stamps for the last five postcards which I had written this morning to the Sussex family, Neil, Robin, Mark and Andrew M. there. I was able to catch the 09.08 train and it cost only DM32,-. I reached Oostende by 14.00 and caught the jetfoil for only £6.40. I was at Victoria by 16.04 British time and was home by 18.00. I then unpacked and sat around talking about my trip with Mum and Dad. Following that I watched television.

Weather: Sunny and warm.

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