Thursday, 4 September 2008

20 Years On - Part 14 of Account of Travelling by Train Around West Germany and Austria

Surprisingly, despite losing my hat and the rain, this holiday had gone quite well, but this was the day I lost my Inter-Rail ticket. Looking back it probably happened at the Residenz in Würzburg. The guidebook said I could enter the gardens at the rear of the building but two stroppy young grooms working physically barred me and shoved me back, saying I was going the wrong way.

Of course, not travelling by train that day, I did not know that the ticket was lost, but effectively that ended my holiday, though there was more rigmarole to go through before it was completely finished. Still being in Bavaria, I remember meeting two very frugal British women, annoyed that they had to hire bedding in the youth hostel and were leaving the town because of that. I thought it was a little extreme but advised them that if they found it such a problem they should get out of Bavaria for one of the other states with different rules .

My morning in Nürnberg shows the range of museum activity that you could engage in on a Sunday in West Germany.

Sunday 4th September 1988
Today I woke up promptly and walked into town as I had to do both Nürnberg and Würzburg in one day as everything in Würzburg is closed tomorrow. I looked around the German National museum, then went onto the town museum, Dürer's house and then the transport museum. Then I caught the train to Würzburg where I walked to the Residenz and went on a guided tour and walked around the gardens. The rooms were spectactularly decorated. Then I went to the youth hostel which I climbed up to and used the last of my film before buying dinner and coming back to sleep and watch some television.

Weather: Dull and mild.
Bridge in Nürnberg, September 1988

Statue in Nürnberg Market, September 1988

View from Residenz in Würzburg, September 1988

View of Church in Woods near Würzburg Youth Hostel, September 1988

View over Hills above Würzburg, September 1988

View across Würzburg, September 1988

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