Saturday, 12 November 2016

Biscuit Blog: Fox's Party Rings

Fox's Party Rings

As I noted last month, biscuits from Fox's tend to be smaller than average and these are no exception.  You do get a long packet of them, though, as the picture shows.  I was attracted to these by their very 1970s appearance.  The rings come in a number of colours, though in my packet pink predominated.  The different colours are not different flavours.  The coating is a very hard sugar layer, which surprisingly does not taste that sweat.  The biscuit below has quite a strong snap and a flavour like a milder version of a Shortcake biscuit, though much thinner than those tend to be.

Overall, then they have a very mild flavour which means you could treat them like colourful Rich Tea biscuits, they will not disrupt the flavour of a cup of tea in the way you might expect from such gaudy, 1970s-style biscuit.  Their notable element, like the best of Rich Tea biscuits is that they are moreish, raising their rating a little.  Given how small they are, they hardly fill you up.  Perhaps on that basis they are designed for modern children's parties at which you do not want the children to get a sugar rush but feel they are getting something better than standard Rich Tea biscuits.


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