Friday, 15 July 2016

Biscuit Blog: Co-operative Truly Irresistible Fruit and Oat Cookies

Co-operative Truly Irresistible Fruit and Oat Cookies

These biscuits highlight some of the trends that I have noted in passing in recent months in terms of biscuits.  As you see the Co-op is using the term 'cookie' in the same way that Tesco is, i.e. to signify a thicker biscuit containing something and again, in this case, a soft biscuit rather than one with a snap.  These are also in a vertical cardboard box rather than a horizontally orientated plastic packet.  This format apparently designates better quality, emphasised by the 'Truly Irresistible' tag you can see at the top left.  You do wonder if they have a 'I can take them or leave them' range which is that bit cheaper.

Co-op has had a good reputation for baked goods in recent years and their biscuits are sound.  These seemed to have less fruit in them than indicated in the photograph which seems to show genuinely homemade biscuits.  They are soft, almost to the extent on verging on being cakes, but not crumbly in the way shown in the picture.  That was no problem for me as I do not want to lose chunks of my biscuit as I bite into it.  They had a reasonably fruity flavour and the 'fruit', i.e. raisins were not tiny dried specks but had some moistness about them.  I could not detect oats particularly within these biscuits, from them I would have expected a chewier even snappier biscuit.  These had a good level of moreishness, but I was felt that with a little more effort, i.e. more snap and some other fruit like orange zest, they could have been excellent.  I mark them down a little for seeming to lack the oat input promised on the box.


By the way, in the UK, the way, legally, that a biscuit is distinguished from a cake is that a biscuit goes soft when it is stale whereas a cake goes hard when stale.  This is why Jaffa Cakes are cakes, even though they look like biscuits, if you leave them, they will go harder than when at purchase, rather than softer.  I did not try the staleness test on these to see if they had crossed the biscuit/cake line.

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