Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What If Czechoslovakia Had Gone To War In 1938?: Two Historians' Perspectives

My views on this topic can be found in my e-book ‘Other Roads: Alternate Outcomes of the Second World War’ It is available for purchase on Amazon:

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Anonymous said...

That old potboiler merchant Harry Turtledove has commenced a six-volume alternate-history series, "The War That Came Early" which has World War II commencing in 1938. The first book is "Hitler's War".

Rooksmoor said...

It sounds interesting but I wish Turtledove would restrict himself a little. 'Agent of Byzantium' and 'Guns of the South' were great in exploring counter-factual concepts but I agree that nowadays he drags things out far too much.

A trilogy is probably acceptable but these multiple volumes need a lot of commitment to work through, partly as the length means the plot and the characters develop so slowly. I suppose it is more profitable for him to write a sextet and anyway this seems to be the expectation of readers of science fiction and fantasy fiction especially in the USA.