Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Time, The Place 2 - the Difficulty of Scheduled Postings

I usually welcome the new facilities that Blogger adds, but now I have encountered a difficulty with the ability to schedule postings. The time shown on my blog when I am writing postings seems to be 8 hours behind the time in the UK, so West coast of the USA. Before I publish a posting I generally go into Post Options and amend the time to UK time. I did that today with the posting about pushing Gordon Brown out, and then rather than the posting appearing immediately on the blog as usually happens it said it was 'scheduled'. At first I did not understand why it did this, then I realised it was because the time I labelled it with was 8 hours into the blog's future. To get it published I have had to amend the timing, though that was not a sound step with that particular posting as it mentioned information I could not have had yesterday, so I have had to bring it forward again now.

I hope that we are going to be able to disable the seheduling if we choose otherwise it is going to be like communicating with someone on Mars (or maybe even farther away, I cannot find the timings except for communicating with the Moon which has a delay of almost 3 seconds) with an 8-hour delay on what I write and then it appearing on the blog. All rather strange. The alternative is that we can set our blog clocks to our local time (useful if you are blogging as you travel around the world). Strangely the autosave notification works on UK time even if the posting clock is on Californian time.

P.P. I have found a way around it. When you first post you put on a time which has already passed in California. Then when the posting is on the blog, you go back and amend it to UK time and it stays still posted but still showing the correct time even though it is actually in the future for the blog clock.

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